8 Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector


Having a properly inspected home is key to your safety and protecting your investment, which is why you want to make sure you get a professional in your court. Since many people don’t often get home inspections, it’s not likely that you have a contact fresh in your mind that you’ve done business with many times before. This means you will need to interview a home inspector just like you would any contractor doing work in your home to make sure he or she has the proper credentials and experience to ensure your home is inspected correctly. Here are eight questions to ask your home inspector.

  1. How long have you been in business, and how many inspections have you done?

It’s important to have an experienced inspector. Although everyone has to start somewhere, if your inspector doesn’t have much experience, make sure he/she has the proper credentials and access to more experienced inspectors in case questions come up that your inspector can’t answer.

  1. Do you also do repairs or improvements based on the results of the inspection?

Sometimes certain state or inspector associations will allow inspectors to also handle home improvements based on their inspections. Be wary of this because it is a huge conflict of interest.

  1. How long will your inspection take?

On average, a home inspection should last two or three hours for a single-family home. If your inspection runs far short of this, your inspector might not be doing a thorough job, and it could put your safety and your investment at risk.

  1. Can I come along and watch the inspection?

If your home inspector doesn’t want you on-site, this could be problematic. Going along for the inspection can give you a real education about home maintenance and teach you what to look for once you’re in the home and inspecting it yourself routinely.

  1. Do you keep your training up-to-date with continuing education?

Technology changes all the time, so home inspectors should take continuing education courses to be familiar with newer homes.

  1. How much does an inspection cost?

Since HUD doesn’t regulate home inspection fees, they can vary widely. You want to make sure you’re getting a good value, but at the same time, don’t skimp on quality.

  1. What does the inspection cover?

You should be able to get a copy of everything the inspector is going to look at ahead of time so you can get familiar with the list and ask questions. If there is anything you want inspected that’s not on the list, ask beforehand. You should also receive a copy of the home inspector’s report after the inspection for your reference.

  1. Can you explain that to me again?

Home inspectors expect to get a lot of questions, so don’t just nod in agreement if you don’t understand the answers. If you’re asking questions during the inspection and the answers don’t make sense, speak up.

You probably will have other questions along the way. If you think of any after the inspection, be sure to contact your inspector right away to get those questions answered.

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